Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Local art show.

It's been a great weekend for scratchboard art.  I entered two of my pieces into a local art show; it isn't a huge show but there would still have been approximately 100 entries altogether with Representational having the most entries.  Other categories included Abstract Art, Watercolour, Pen & Ink/Pencil, and Other Recognised Art Form.

"Ginger" received 1st prize making this the 5th year in a row that I have won the "Other Recognised Art Form" category. 

"A Drover & His Dog" was my entry in "Representational" art and to my surprise received a "Commended" and also won the People's Choice Award.  This is the 2nd year that my scratchboard has won this award - unfortunately this isn't a great photograph due to reflections.


Rita said...

Congrats, Judy!! :)

Serena Lewis said...

Congratulations, Judy...well deserved! :)