Friday, November 11, 2011

New board/old board

I was asked by the owner of "Heinz" to do a scratchboard of him from a favourite photograph she had where he is lying in one of her large plant pots, and I managed to get it completed this week, as well as starting on another board of my favourite subject....a dog.

Remember this one of my "Uninvited Guest" - I really need to complete the tattered piece the crystal bowl is sitting on, and hopefully I will also get this done before too long.


Rita said...

Oh, I love the cat in the potted plant!! :) And, yes--I remember the uninvited guest. Time consuming, that one! Look at all the detail you've finished and so much more to go. Looks beautiful already. :)

Judy said...

Thanks Rita - I'll let the owner of Heinz know the board is ready tomorrow, and I'll just work on Uninvited Guest as a fill-in when I'm not working on anything else LOL.

Serena said...

Both look great, Judy....I'll bet you will be glad when you finally finish Uninvited Guest. Heinz's owner will surely love what you did for her.