Saturday, July 9, 2011

'Joy Ride' Finished.

Finally finished this board and will leave it sit for a few days before varnishing just in case I see anything that needs further work.


Rita said...

Love his fur! And you get the quality of the wood perfectly, too. Can just feel how relaxed his is on his ride. Another winner! :)

Serena said...

Another fantastic job, Judy!! I absolutely LOVE your scratchboard pieces! Out of curiosity, do you varnish scratchboard art if it is going under glass or only if it's not going glass? Which type of varnish do you use...spray or brush on?

Lorraine Ulen said...

Gorgeous - as usual! You get better and better with each piece!

Judy said...

Rita: Thank you.

Serena: I spray varnish my pieces even though framed under glass.

Lorraine: Thank you very much, guess I am getting lots of practice....LOL.