Thursday, July 7, 2011

Joy Ride Almost Done.

This is where I'm at with Joy Ride and hopefully I will have it completed within the next few days, I have also been wondering whether I should colour the dog.  When having a break from working on this board I managed to complete an 8" x 10" of something quite different which I called "A Single Glass" the reference photograph was from WC Images. 


Julia Ruffles | fine artist said...

WOW the gold coast looks stunning! As does the single glass - very effective and beautifully scratched, and joyride is coming along wonderfully too!:) Jules

Rita said...

That's a hard decision. He looks so good as is. :) And the glass painting is amazing! Like I could pick it up right through the screen here. I can't imagine what you work must look like in person. :)

Judy said...

Jules the Gold Coast was even more stunning when I was growing up, no high rise buildings then!!! I just might enter "A Single Glass" into a competition later in the year with the theme being light and dark and I should have a pic of "Joy Ride" posted tomorrow.

Rita I think I will leave this one black and white and maybe do something in colour next.

Thank you both for your comments.