Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jaguar Cub Finished & New Board.

Here is Lazua the Jaguar Cub - the reference photo taken by Tambako FlickR.  I coloured the ears and part of the face of this one and decided I preferred it without colour, so spent a great deal of time scratching the colour off although I did leave a touch in the eyes.  This is the first board I have bothered to do anything regarding a background and am not sure whether I have done the right thing here.


The start of my new board
"Uninvited Guest"

 We have quite a few Butcher Birds that call here to be fed and a couple of them are quite cheeky and have come inside our house.  Here's one I found sitting on my crystal bowl and I was lucky enough to have my camera handy to be able to take a photograph.  I hadn't planned on doing a scratchboard of him and then thought this would be something different to the usual, that is, if I every get it finished with all the detail of bowl and doily.



Serena said...

Awesome finish on the jaguar cub, Judy...I do like the background.

You're off to a great start with the butcher bird too...the crystal vase looks like it will be quite a challenge but I'm sure you will manage it very well.

Judy said...

Hi Serena - thanks. Yes I think the crystal vase will take me quite a while to do as well as the doily - I have done crystal before in scratch so know what I am in for!!!!

Rita said...

No idea what to tell you about the background. Looks okay to me--kind of like a blurry bush or something. But I do like the black backgrounds because it makes the subject stand out dramatically. The touch of color in the eyes is nice, but that must have been a real pain to scratch the color out. Even though I do love color, I really like the black and white scratchboard artwork.

The contrast between the wild bird and a crystal vase and doily is going to be...well, talk about dramatic! What a brazen fellow to come right in the house like that. They must trust you. I'm glad you had your camera nearby. This shot is priceless!

Julia Ruffles | fine artist said...

I love your jag Judy! Such a sweetheart - the background is really nice too complements Lazua and her surrounding nature beautifully! Jules

Judy said...

Rita: The background has gone over quite well with everyone so I am happy about it and blurry bushes is exactly what I was trying to achieve as well. I prefer to leave my boards black and white although I have seen some amazing work done in colour as well.

Thanks Jules.....this little jag is now at the framer's.