Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jaguar Cub Finished & New Board.

Here is Lazua the Jaguar Cub - the reference photo taken by Tambako FlickR.  I coloured the ears and part of the face of this one and decided I preferred it without colour, so spent a great deal of time scratching the colour off although I did leave a touch in the eyes.  This is the first board I have bothered to do anything regarding a background and am not sure whether I have done the right thing here.


The start of my new board
"Uninvited Guest"

 We have quite a few Butcher Birds that call here to be fed and a couple of them are quite cheeky and have come inside our house.  Here's one I found sitting on my crystal bowl and I was lucky enough to have my camera handy to be able to take a photograph.  I hadn't planned on doing a scratchboard of him and then thought this would be something different to the usual, that is, if I every get it finished with all the detail of bowl and doily.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jaguar Cub Update & My News

Firstly here is an update on this cute Jaguar Cub, lots more to do yet but I'm getting there, if not, slowly.

I entered a small local show this weekend and received three 1st prizes.  In one building where painting, decoupage, wood turning etc. is featured my scratchboard "I'm Looking at You" received 1st place in "Any Other Work".

Maggie (Nature Study" received 1st place in "Other Recognised Art Forms" in the art section which is held in another building.  This is a second time prize for Nature Study with it being one of 10 finalists in the Aus. Artist magazine last month.

"Salisbury Iris" painted in oils received 1st place in the Open Section.  I grew this iris from a bulb taken from my Mum's garden and the plant is flowering at the moment.  I entered two paintings this one and "After the Rain" which didn't receive a place and when I entered them I thought maybe the rose had more of a chance of gaining a place than the iris but not the case.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A new board.

So much for painting!!!!  I never seem to think about what I will paint next but what my next scratchboard will be and here it is - a cute Jaguar cub, the reference photo by Tambako FlickR.  This is on a 12" x 12" board and I have decided I will add some colour to this one, well that is for now anyway, so will wait and see whether I go ahead with colouring it when I finish all the scratching.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

'Joy Ride' Finished.

Finally finished this board and will leave it sit for a few days before varnishing just in case I see anything that needs further work.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Joy Ride Almost Done.

This is where I'm at with Joy Ride and hopefully I will have it completed within the next few days, I have also been wondering whether I should colour the dog.  When having a break from working on this board I managed to complete an 8" x 10" of something quite different which I called "A Single Glass" the reference photograph was from WC Images. 

A Visit to the Gold Coast.

I have been visiting a Victorian friend at Surfers Paradise on our Gold Coast these past two days therefore no scratching done so will show you where I'm at with "Joy Ride" plus an 8" x 10" board I have completed when having a break from working on the the meantime I will post a couple of photographs of the Q1 Building at Surfers where we went to the Observation Deck 77 floors up, yesterday morning.

Firstly here is a link telling you all about the Q1 building:-

The Q1 Building in the distance - the photo taken from the roof of the building where we were staying.

A view from the Observation Deck looking towards Brisbane.

This one is the view looking towards New South Wales.