Friday, June 17, 2011

Freckle WIP & Rescued Galahs

I have made some progress on the board of Freckle but not as much as I would have liked...hopefully I will have it finished by the weekend.

In the early and very cold hours of last Saturday morning at a garage sale, my partner noticed 2 galahs in a cage out in the open with no food, water or protection and told me about them when he came home.  During the morning he kept mentioning the birds and how sorry he felt for them and as the day progressed told me had to go and buy a few parts for the lawn mower, and guess what he came home with as well as the parts he needed????  Here are the birds having a taste of a little freedom in our rumpus room, unfortunately one has a busted wing although he can still fly as we found out.  We hope to find a good home for them and at least they are being well looked after now.


Rita said...

The koala is coming along beautifully--looks gorgeous already. And the galahs are stunning! I love birds. Am so glad your hubby saved them! How cruel to have them sitting out in the sun without food or water or shade! You'll find a good home for them, I'm sure. Bless you both! :)

Julia Ruffles | wildlife animal artist said...

your koala is looking amazing! what a touching story, I'm so pleased your husband saved these beautiful birds :) Jules

Judy said...

Thank you Rita and Jules, I finally completed the board of Freckles today and will post a pic shortly.

The Galahs are doing well and they may be going to a new home tomorrow.