Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Today's News.

I entered a "Favourite Subject" competition in the Aus. Artist magazine with my favourite subject being animals.  The 1st prize was $1,000.00 - 2nd $500.00 and 3rd $250.00 with 10 finalists to receive a year's subscription of the magazine plus a certificate, so today whilst shopping at one of our local centres I called into a newsagent to check if the latest Decorative Painting & Fine Art magazine was out so that I could see the scratchboard work of another Aussie Patrick Hedges, which had been featured and no, this mag was not available yet.  I did notice that the Aus. Artist magazine was available and turned the first few pages to see the winners of the monetary prizes, turned another page to see that my "Nature Study" scratchboard was one of the finalists which was a huge surprise - this piece I recently had framed and is one I will be keeping as it is definitely a favourite of mine.

Page in the Aus. Artist magazine.

"Nature Study" framed.


Kristy said...

it is a gorgeous piece! I am surprised they did not notify you before printing the mag =]

Rita said...

Congrats! When do you find out who the winners are? That is a touching piece and glad you are keeping it. ;)

Serena said... EXCITING!!!! Congratulations, Judy! A beautiful piece and well deserved ~ :)

Judy said...

Kristy: I was a finalist and not a winner therefore not notified.

Rita: The winners were on the first couple of pages and these were the monetary winners. The 10 finalists of which I was one were on the following. The frame on this piece cost me a fortune so another reason to keep it...LOL.

Serena: Thank you.