Monday, May 2, 2011

My News

A friend and I entered a local Lions Art & Craft Show this weekend......her jewellery and two of my scratchboards "Tabby Eyes" and "I'm Down Here", this was to raise funds for the Brisbane flood victims as quite a lot of them are still not able to live in their homes.

The funny thing about this is that I phoned the convenor to check whether scratchboard art would be acceptable prior to entering, as my entries into the Brisbane Ekka had been refused 2 years ago and they phoned to say they would set up a display of it and then when they saw my work I was told I could enter all of last year they accepted my entries.

The convenor at this show asked me what scratchart was so I explained and he said it could go into "Craft" and I told him it was not craft and had to email photos so that he could see what it was all about and I was then given the go ahead.

The entry form did not specify categories or say it was a judged show and whether there were prizes etc. so it was a huge surprise to find that my "Tabby Eyes" had won "Best of Mixed Media" where they thought my work should go, it also won the "People's Choice Award" and both my boards sold to the one lady. There were some fabulous paintings there and I was told that I'm Down Here" was their first sale so I had a pretty good weekend. My friend's jewellery also sold.

Here's a photo I took prior to knowing "Tabby Eyes" had sold.

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Rita said...

Congrats, Lady!! :)

How frustrating, tho. It's one thing for people like myself to not know what scratchboard is, but they are in charge of an art show! Duh! Put your work in crafts! No way! I'm sure they were stunned when they saw what you do. I am not surprised that yours was the first one sold.

Glad your friend's jewelry sold, too. :)