Saturday, May 28, 2011

Resting Place Finished.

"Resting Place" is now finished and so I have commenced more work on the scratchboard of my grand-daughter Jordie.  I am also going to prepare another board to start on one of our Aussie icons, the koala which will be from my own reference photograph.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Today's News.

I entered a "Favourite Subject" competition in the Aus. Artist magazine with my favourite subject being animals.  The 1st prize was $1,000.00 - 2nd $500.00 and 3rd $250.00 with 10 finalists to receive a year's subscription of the magazine plus a certificate, so today whilst shopping at one of our local centres I called into a newsagent to check if the latest Decorative Painting & Fine Art magazine was out so that I could see the scratchboard work of another Aussie Patrick Hedges, which had been featured and no, this mag was not available yet.  I did notice that the Aus. Artist magazine was available and turned the first few pages to see the winners of the monetary prizes, turned another page to see that my "Nature Study" scratchboard was one of the finalists which was a huge surprise - this piece I recently had framed and is one I will be keeping as it is definitely a favourite of mine.

Page in the Aus. Artist magazine.

"Nature Study" framed.

Monday, May 23, 2011


I am currently working on two scratchboards as I just cannot leave this medium alone, and somehow I don't think I will be doing very much painting in the future.

This piece is 12" x 16" and as for a title, all I can think of is "Resting Place".  I don't have a great deal more to do apart from the eyes, some fur and the log although I was wondering whether I should attempt to do a background but then I will probably ruin the whole piece.  Hopefully I should have it finished sometime this week less a  The reference photo by Gary Lackie was used with permission.

The second piece is 8" x 10 and is of my grand-daughter Jordie, whether I can make a success of this will be another thing..........doing skin in "scratch" .....aaaaagh!!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Snack Time".

I started this 8" x 10" board way back in February and put it aside to use for demonstrating scratch art at my last workshop and now finally, it has been completed.  The original reference photograph was used with permission by Lee Miller FlickR and I have already started on a larger board of a grizzly bear cub,  I guess it will be another week or so before it will be finished.

Today I went to a koala park which is only about 20 minutes drive from Brisbane and took heaps of photographs as I thought it was about time I did a board showing one of our Aussie animals for a change, although it will be a little while before I commence work, in the meanwhile I am also going to attempt to do a board of my beautiful grand-daughter.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


I have had a short break from scratchart and have completed a couple of paintings.  The little sewing mouse "The Last Stitch" and the Aussie design "Digger" are both by Jan McCraw of Ladybug Creations.  I love her whimsical designs and on my last count have painted 80 of her designs over the years with these two being the 79th/80th.

This is painted on a wooden file holder.

"The Last Stitch"
This piece is painted on the lid of a wooden box.

The varnishing still has to be done but in the meantime I will be preparing another scratchboard to start on and can't wait to start "scratching" again.

Monday, May 2, 2011

My News

A friend and I entered a local Lions Art & Craft Show this weekend......her jewellery and two of my scratchboards "Tabby Eyes" and "I'm Down Here", this was to raise funds for the Brisbane flood victims as quite a lot of them are still not able to live in their homes.

The funny thing about this is that I phoned the convenor to check whether scratchboard art would be acceptable prior to entering, as my entries into the Brisbane Ekka had been refused 2 years ago and they phoned to say they would set up a display of it and then when they saw my work I was told I could enter all of last year they accepted my entries.

The convenor at this show asked me what scratchart was so I explained and he said it could go into "Craft" and I told him it was not craft and had to email photos so that he could see what it was all about and I was then given the go ahead.

The entry form did not specify categories or say it was a judged show and whether there were prizes etc. so it was a huge surprise to find that my "Tabby Eyes" had won "Best of Mixed Media" where they thought my work should go, it also won the "People's Choice Award" and both my boards sold to the one lady. There were some fabulous paintings there and I was told that I'm Down Here" was their first sale so I had a pretty good weekend. My friend's jewellery also sold.

Here's a photo I took prior to knowing "Tabby Eyes" had sold.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Equinox

After wanting to do something else other than scratchboard and working on this 14" x 21" oil painting for a few weeks, it is finally finished.