Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Scratchboard & Painting WIP.

I have started a painting in oils, a medium I have rarely used in many years after being introduced to acrylics.  I decided I would like to start painting with oils again and have been working on a Jan McCraw design "Spring Equinox" although the background was not included in the original and of course, I still have a long way to go.

The scratchboard I started last night and is of a lion, yes another one!!! 
Guess I needed a change from the painting as I have found using oils it takes me a lot longer to paint than with acrylics.


Rita said...

I've only spent time with watercolors, and that has been very limited. Tried oils once. Acrylics once. Always plan to get back and try again with paints--all of them. It is challenging because they encompass such different techniques. You have many talents. I am in awe of your scratchboard abilities and can hardly wait to see the progress on the lion. Now I'll want to see what you do with this young girl in oils, too. ;)

Judy said...

Hi Rita I tried watercolours prior to discovering scratchboard but using them did not appeal to me....scratchboard is another story!!!! I'm not sure whether I will make a success of the painting of the girl but then again, I've still a way to go.

03ahmed said...

Looking forward to seeing the finish of both pieces!:)