Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yesterday's Memories

Not a painting but yet another scratchboard!   I do want to commence a painting and the delay is I am waiting for a board to be cut for me so that I can make a start, so in the meantime what else but to start on another scratchboard.

So this is the beginning, my fourth still life on scratchboard.  The glass lamp was a buy at a garage sale some time ago, the ornament, bible and crocheted centre piece belonged to my Mum.....the miniature rose lying across the Bible and not that you can see it very well ......grown by me!!!
Yesterday's Memories

Last Friday I collected my "Morning Swim" and "Garden Beauty" from the framers and I am really pleased with them..although I spray varnish the boards I prefer to have them framed under glass for more protection, some I have under non-reflective glass but these two are under normal type glass therefore showing some reflection in the photograph.  There are a few scratchboard artists who never frame under glass!!!!  And I have a new idea for framing when I have the next board done!


Marilyn Harris Mills aka Maer said...

still lifes lend themselves to scratchboard eh? nice job.

Rita said...

The new still life looks great so far. And the two framed scratchboards are beautiful. I can see why you'd want to have them behind glass. Just seems so much safer.

Just your mother still alive? Are you making the still life for her?

Serena said...

The new scratchboard is off to a great start, Judy! The framed pieces are lovely although it's a pity about the glare. That's the one reason I don't like paintings under glass or with high gloss varnish. Non-glare glass is good but very expensive. Years ago, I knew a lady who did watercolours and she had her framers use perspex instead of glass although I'm not sure if it helped with glare. It may have been the cheaper option to glass.

Judy said...

Yes Marilyn not only still life and animals but portraits and landscapes can also be done in scratchboard.

Thank you Rita. I have heard a story of another scratchboard artist who had her work in a show framed without glass and a child ran something across it and made a huge scratch across her work. Also I lost both my parents in 2005.....within 8 months of each other.

Hi Serena. I have had some of my boards framed under non-reflective glass and the last one I had done this way looked absolutely terrible, the whole piece seemed "dead" for the want of a better word, so I had it re-done and now it looks great. I'll check with the framers re perspex, I think in the US they use something called museum glass.

Rita said...

Then this still life has special meaning to you. One you should keep and hang someplace special. :)

Judy said...

Yes it does Rita. I did a still life featuring my Dad's Bible so thought it would be nice to have one of Mum's although this one is a larger board. Dad's can be seen in the Nov. 8 2010 post.

Rita said...

That one is lovely, too. I bet they look great side by side. :)