Monday, February 7, 2011

Remember Lola!

I do not have any new paintings or scratchboards to show at the moment but hopefully I will early next week.  I do have two scratchboards ready to start working on, so in the meantime, remember this cute little girl called Lola, well last week she travelled all the way from Australia to the United Kingdom and arrived there safe and sound.  Her owner kindly sent me a photograph of the real Lola and her artwork which I thought you would like to see, of course Lola is a grown up girl since the photograph I worked from was taken.

The real Lola!


Meowlissa said...

What a fabulous board and I love the side by side :)

Rita said...

That is so cool to see them both together!!
Great job! That was an awesome photo to work from. :)

Serena said...

OMG...just beautiful, Judy! The owner of your piece of art must be so happy!

Judy said...

Rita, Meowlissa and Serena.....thank you. It was a lovely surprise to receive the photo of Lola and the scratchboard together, I couldn't resist posting it here.