Monday, December 6, 2010


This is my last scratchboard for the year, although I have plenty in mind to do for the New Year.  This one is 11" x 14" in size and the original design is by Jan McCraw of Ladybug Creations who suggested that I might like to try it on scratchboard.  With animals being my favourite subject of all, this one,  I thought would be way out of my comfort zone but I got there in the end, this is my version of the beautiful angel.

Making a start -  I wanted to get the face scratched out first before working on the rest of the board.

I imagined that the feathers on the wings were going to be the most difficult for me to do but in fact they were nowhere near as difficult and took a lot less time than I thought.

The completed "Serenity".

The full colour version by Jan McCraw will be featured on her  "Winter" version of the "Calendar Collection" set coming out very shortly and can be seen at the link below:-
You will need to scroll down a little!!!


Rita said...

This is so pretty! I went and found the original print on her website and you did an excellent job capturing her. Wow! :)

Judy said...

Thanks a lot Rita for taking the time to comment.