Monday, November 8, 2010

Still Life on Scratchboard

I am attempting to do my third still life on scratchboard and this one maybe a little challenging for me with having only done 2 others.  I have also started on a 12 " x 12" scratchboard of a cute lion cub, with having already done a male and female lion I thought I may as well do a cub too!

Here is the beginning of my latest still life - since transferring the outline I have done a few hours work to it - for a title I thought maybe "The Locket".

My first still life!  The crystal jug I bought at a second-hand shop and the jug cover was made by my Mum.  This is now hanging in my kitchen dining area.

"Crystal & Lace"

 I posted the picture below to my Blog when the board was first completed but thought I would show it again.  The flowers were grown from a plant given to me by my son on Mother's Day last year, the Bible belonged to my Dad and the pocket watch to my Great Grandfather.  (My Dad's Mother's Father.)


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