Monday, November 22, 2010

The Locket.....finished.

I have finally finished "The Locket".......although I will leave it for a few days before varnishing just in case I see something that needs to be fixed.  This piece took a little longer to do than usual due to working on 2 boards,  this one which is an 8" x 10" and a lion cub on a 12" x 12" board - the cub should be finished in a couple of days now.  Another reason for this board taking longer than usual is that I coloured the locket and chain and I decided I didn't like it coloured so had to re-scratch it all to remove the ink.  The locket was given to me some years back and the roses which are miniature I have growing around the base of a statue in my front yard, I am not sure if the doily was one crocheted by my Mum.


Rita said...

This is just lovely! So delicate. Excellent job. :)

Pat said...

Stunning! You must be delighted with the final outcome! xx