Saturday, November 6, 2010

Christmas is coming!!

With not having a new scratchboard to show at the moment and with plans to start on either a still life, or a lion cub to go with "Majestic Lion" and "Timba", I have managed to paint a few Christmas ornaments and thought I would post pics of them.

The 3 ornaments below have glitter on them and are very "sparklie".

The two ornaments below are for a friend's little grand-daughters.  These have the names and date of birth painted at the back of the ornament.

This is painted on a 4" x 6" canvas, the design is by Ladybug Creations (Jan McCraw).


Serena said...

They're lovely, Judy...the second from the top is my fave. It's hard to believe Christmas is almost upon us.

Kristy said...

Yes I love the little puppy also

Rita said...

My fav is the first one. You are really talented! :)

Judy said...

Serena and Kristy, the puppy ornament is my favourite and which I will be keeping to put with the other wooden ornaments I have for my tree.

Thank you Rita, the first ornament will be given away.