Saturday, September 18, 2010

Whale Watching Trip

I have nothing to show in the way of painting or scratchboard today, but I do have some fabulous photographs taken by my partner who is a great photographer when we finally got to go on a local whale watching trip last week.  I am also a keen photographer but I never manage to get "just the right one"! This trip has been in our plans for many months and although it was my second trip, it was the first for my partner.

We had to be at Redcliffe which is just north of Brisbane by 9.30am for boarding at 10.00am, so to beat the peak hour traffic through the city we left quite early and arrived in plenty of time to relax and have a cuppa.

Here are just a few of the many photographs and not one of these were taken by me!!!!!

The pic below shows a tiny section of Moreton Island in the background which is home to Mount Tempest and is the world's highest coastal sand dune and it is the world's third largest sand island, Moreton is 95% national park, with development restricted to just three small villages and a resort.   BTW this is one of the photographs taken by me!!!! 



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Anonymous said...

Hi Judy, These are Great photo's I'm so Happy you were able to see so many Whales.
Hugz Janice Timmins