Friday, September 24, 2010

Snow Leopard Framed & Portrait

I collected my Snow Leopard scratchboard from the framer's this week and I was very pleased with the way it looks.....I have also titled this piece "Animal Magnetism".  It was a little difficult to take a photograph without reflection showing in the glass so I had to take it on an angle to prevent this - what do you think?

I have done very, very little painting this past year so I decided to have a break from the current scratchboard I'm working on and to get into painting mode paint a portrait of my 3 grand-kids in "Liquid Pencil" which is an Aussie product of liquid graphite in a bottle.  I am definitely not a portrait painter and had this almost completed in a day.  I had forgotten though how much quicker it is for me to paint than work on a scratchboard.

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