Sunday, September 5, 2010

Salvage Operation.

I decided to do another board and this time the subject was to be of a beautiful horse.  I found the reference photograph I wanted to use and transferred the drawing onto an 11" x 14" board.  After commencing some work I realised....finally, that I could not see enough detail to continue so now I am doing something completely different to what I had planned.  The reference photo I had saved quite some months ago so I am hoping that this board can be good.

I had the board lying on the kitchen table and with the light coming through the window I was surprised to see the erasure marks so vividly.

I have transferred the drawing over the top of what I had previously scratched.  Thankfully I always start with very light scratches.

Some progress and I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

More progress with quite a way to go!

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Pam Caley said...

Thanks for posting this Judy. It helps to see that a surface can sometimes be reused. I figured they would be useless. I am totally new to this artform, but inspired by your work, have decided to give it a try.
I look forward to seeing your completed piece.