Sunday, August 8, 2010

Brisbane Exhibition 2010

For the first time ever I entered a few items into the "Creative Art & Craft" section of the Brisbane Exhibition which is Brisbane's biggest show of the year and when "the country comes to the city".

Prior to delivering my pieces to the Ekka as it is called by us locals, I taped my name and category to the bottom of each piece which is required on most all other art work.  To my dismay at the time of delivery the Steward told me my name etc. had to be removed which unfortunately left behind the tape residue and I had nothing with me to remove this.......the Steward was quick to inform me that they would make note of this and that I should not lose any points over it, I must admit I certainly didn't feel too confident about that when leaving.

The Ekka's opening day was last Thursday 5th August and on Friday I discovered that two out of my three entries had gained 2nd place - I couldn't believe it!  One was a design by Ladybug Creations (Jan McCraw) called "Lace Fairy" and which I entered into a local show last year and it did not gain a place at all and the other was my own design of a fully opened rose.  It will be really nice to have two ribbons with "Royal Queensland Show" on them and I only wish would be that my parents were still here to see them.  

Creative Art & Craft
"Decorative Any Style"

Creative Art & Craft
"Decorative - Floral"

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Serena said...

WHOO HOO!!! Congratulations, Judy!