Sunday, July 4, 2010

New Scratchboard Pattern - "Thoughtful Gaze"

I have had this pattern completed for quite some time now but had to learn how to put it into PDF format, well my other half had to....LOL.  Even though the original document was small in size when using some of the PDF Creator programmes the size increased for some reason therefore not suitable for emailing.  Anyway it is ready now - any enquiries please direct them to me at


janice Timmins said...

Hi Judy, I love your patterns "Thoughtful Gaze"
is my latest, your patterns are so easy to follow I hope to have this one finished by the end of the week, thanks for making your designs into pattern packs
Hugs Janice Timmins

Judy said...

Thank you Janice, it's good to know they are easy to follow.