Saturday, June 19, 2010

Oil Painting.

When I first started painting quite a number of years ago I used oil paints and as usual I just jumped into the deep end without ever having been taught the correct way to use them, if there is a correct way!  Recently I obtained quite a few tubes of oil paint so I decided after a very long time to give oils a try after having used acrylics which I must say took some getting used to with the drying time after oils.  So here are a few oil paintings I did all those years ago plus a WIP of the white Boxer puppy that I recently did as a scratchboard.

This painting is years and years old and now hangs in my bedroom.

I did this painting for my Mum and she had it hanging in her lounge room forever.  After her passing in 2005 I had the painting re-framed with the frame being a garage sale find.  I can't believe I painted it such a long time ago.

This is Mt. Tibrogargan which you can see on the way to the Sunshine Coast.

My WIP of Vito and Roses (permission by his owner was given for me to use this photograph as my reference.)  As you can see I have a long way to go before it is completed.

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