Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Scratchboard

I am currently working on a new scratchboard which I am going to call "Fascination" and I will post pics when it is finished, although it probably won't be for another week or so with it being a large board - 16" x 12".

In the meantime I will post a pic of my "Tabby Eyes" scratchboard (e-pattern available) now that it is framed "all in white"  i.e. white frame and white mat board which is quite different to the framing I have chosen in the past.  I bought the frame at one of the cheaper variety stores and then took it to my usual framers to have it put into the frame professionally using spaces etc. to keep the glass off the scratchboard.  I like it - what do you think?


Serena said...

I like it too, Judy...the white frame and mat makes the B & W of the artwork all the more eye-catching. It's a very cute tabby cat and beautifully done.

victoria kloch said...

I first saw your work on wet canvas. Your work has so much personality, and incredibly well done. Here's to many more masterpieces!