Saturday, June 12, 2010

Decorative Painting.

Well I have finally painted again and finished this shopping bag yesterday, this being only the third time I have painted so far this year so I am hoping it will help to get me into painting mode!!! Last year I painted on quite a number of shopping bags and as I still have a couple of bags left I decided I would paint one of the larger bags I have on hand and did this one yesterday;as usual it had to be of a dog.....a Ladybug's (Jan McCraw) whimsical "Cocker Spaniel" as I loved the look on his/her face.

With roses being my most favourite flower to paint I have also painted bags with roses on are just a few:-

"A Rose for Hazel"
I painted this rose in memory of my Mum and produced it as my first painting pattern.

"Pink Perfection"
This is my own design and was featured in the Aus. Fine Art & Decorative Painting magazine.

Another of my own designs.

Here are just a few more bags showing different designs which are all Ladybug designs:-

Now it's back to either painting or scratchboard work.

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Serena said...

They are all so lovely, Judy! The cocker spaniel one is extra cute....I haven't seen the recyclable bags in that colour before.