Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Decision Made.

At long last I have finally made the decision that my next scratchboard will be of a dog, my favourite subject with horses being the second subject I love to do, although so far I have only done two one being the picture below which I called "The Dancer" and the other "Running Free".   I have three fabulous photographs of dogs from which to choose and somehow I think I will be doing all three.....such hard decisions to make!!!  And as we are having very wet weather here today in south-east Queensland it is a perfect day to make a start.

The Dancer.


Maer aka Marilyn Harris-Mills said...

Your horses are divine Judith....although I'm such a dog lover so your dawgies have to be my favs!!! Love the water reflections!!! Said it before I'll say it again ...you and scratch art are like peanut butter and jam...over there that's an awesome sammie!!! ~Maer~ (DAIC)

Margaret Ann said...

I was just sent here by a link on Serena's blog...This piece is absolutely magnificent... Can't take my eyes off of it! :)