Monday, March 15, 2010

Coloured Scratchboard

This is my first real attempt at colouring a full board and at this point in time I think if I want anything coloured I will keep to my painting.....I really love the black and white of scratchboard.  There is a great deal of scratching, re-inking, scratching over and over so I am pleased that for this one I used a small 5" x 7" board.  The birds are Australian Lorikeets and I took a photograph of these two when they were sitting on our back landing waiting for me to give them something to eat, once you feed them they will return everyday knowing that there is good tucker waiting for them.  The marks that can be seen on the black part of the board will disappear once varnished.

"The Two of Us".


Maer aka Marilyn Harris-Mills said...

even though these are a delight Judith and they are so regal with their colours, I may tend to agree with you about b/w scratching! never knows til one tries do they? I am envious though that they visit your garden..for us we only get to view them in zoos...oh hum!

Serena said...

I too feel the black and white scratch-art is the most striking although you have done a wonderful job with these two, Judy....from your post, it does sound like painting them would have been easier.