Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Something Different in Scratch - Finished

I finally got around to finishing Ted E. Bear although I will let him sit for a while before varnishing the board just in case I see something that needs to be altered, your thoughts would be appreciated on this one and now I think it will be back to another dog unless I find something else that appeals to me.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Something Different in Scratch - WIP.

Firstly on a sad note, yesterday our adopted cat "Mr. Tom passed" away peacefully underneath our back stairs....he will be missed.  I recently posted the story of how we came to look after him at the link below:-

This week I decided to try something different with regards to scratchboard art......a teddy bear!!   I was not real sure as to how to go about scratching the fur as it is quite short, thick and curly and as usual I jumped into the deep end and decided to use my fibreglass brush hoping that I would be able to achieve the effect I wanted and so far so good.  I still have a way to go to finish the board with a little more work on the eyes to be done and I will use a craft knife to scratch in the little jumper he is wearing.  The next thing is whether to colour or not to colour the jumper!!! Here at least is a pic of his head.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Latest Scratchboard

Well this afternoon I thought I'd go ahead and colour the eys and I also softened one section of the nose, now maybe it's finished!

"Thoughtful Gaze".

I have been contemplating whether to make a pattern packet of this gorgeous Lab which I have recently completed and also whether I will colour just the eyes. 
"Thoughtful Gaze".

Monday, March 15, 2010

Coloured Scratchboard

This is my first real attempt at colouring a full board and at this point in time I think if I want anything coloured I will keep to my painting.....I really love the black and white of scratchboard.  There is a great deal of scratching, re-inking, scratching over and over so I am pleased that for this one I used a small 5" x 7" board.  The birds are Australian Lorikeets and I took a photograph of these two when they were sitting on our back landing waiting for me to give them something to eat, once you feed them they will return everyday knowing that there is good tucker waiting for them.  The marks that can be seen on the black part of the board will disappear once varnished.

"The Two of Us".

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dogs, dogs and more dogs and one cat.

As I've mentioned previously dogs are my favourite subject - I have always been a dog lover but since losing my Boxer Jess who we had for 12 years and then Luke another Boxer we rescued but only had for 4 years and who both died of cancer, we have not taken on owning another dog just yet. 

We do look after a cat though that used to live opposite us and the owners moved a few blocks away taking the cat with them but everyday we would see him walking back up our street to his old home.  Even though the owners would collect him it didn't deter him from coming back again and again so eventually he was left.  We have, I guess adopted him, as we have been looking after him for the past 6 years and with him fending for himself for so long he was quite ferral and he couldn't be touched without him trying to bite and scratch.  With the oncoming winter we put a box with bedding in it at our front door and would find him asleep in the box in the morning.  Now he is almost blind and he calls early morning and night for his food and sleeps in our lounge room when it is raining but will not stay inside at any other time.  I have to say it is due to the perseverance of my partner that he is so friendly now, initially his nickname was Mr. Tom, it's now Tom but he has on occasion been upgraded to Thomas.

Mr. Tom.

Guess I better get to the dog pics.

My beautiful girl Jess and her toy bone, painted with Matisse Liquid Pencil.

One of my early scratchboards,  Jess to this day I still miss her.

Luke our wild boy, painted with Matisse Liquid Pencil.

"Ready for the Game"
Another one of my early boards and also a favourite.

This scratchboard was featured in the Aus. Fine Art & Decorative Painting magazine
Vol. 16 #8

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The weather conditions here in Queensland the past couple of weeks have been extremely wet with floods in some areas being the worst in over 100 years and our dam levels are now the highest in 9 years, so it has been the perfect time to stay inside and do some "scratching". 

I was given permission by Joseph Baranowski (thanks Joe) to use his photograph of Ginger as the reference for my latest board which is 11" x 14" in size,  I couldn't resist trying to capture the look on Ginger's face and the lighting in this photo which really appealed to me.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Australian Magazine.

Today I received in the post my copy of the latest Australian Fine Art & Decorative Painting magazine Vol. 17 #6 and was surprised to see my "Running Free" scratchboard featured on the cover - this is now my third scratchboard to be published so hopefully this will help scratchart to become more well known in this part of the world.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Decision Made.

At long last I have finally made the decision that my next scratchboard will be of a dog, my favourite subject with horses being the second subject I love to do, although so far I have only done two one being the picture below which I called "The Dancer" and the other "Running Free".   I have three fabulous photographs of dogs from which to choose and somehow I think I will be doing all three.....such hard decisions to make!!!  And as we are having very wet weather here today in south-east Queensland it is a perfect day to make a start.

The Dancer.