Friday, February 19, 2010

Deciding on my next scratchboard.

Now that I have completed my patterns, I am contemplating on what my next board will be....I have plenty of ideas but cannot make the decision as to what it will be, uppermost in my mind is to do a "Snow Leopard" but then again I think I would like to try something that would be just a little more challenging......what?  that is the question!

I absolutely love dogs and they are my most favourite subject so here a few pics of dogs in scratchart that I completed last year, I have more but thought these would do for now. 

Cooling Off.
I was given permission to use this photograph for my scratchart.
This is Floyd and he lives in the UK and certainly a long way from down here in Aus.  I had never scratched reflections in water before so this was my first attempt.

This is my own photograph of this beautiful girl and if you look carefully you can see my reflection in her left eye.

Beau & Addie.
This is the biggest board I've done so far, a 12" x 16".   A friend asked me to do this of his daughter's two dogs which was to be for her Christmas present.

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